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Azmat akbar

Pakistan is has a huge potential in tourism sector, and can be one of the choice destination for international tourists, we have some of the best kept secrets of natural world from down south Sindh and Baluchistan to up north in KP, Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir.

The internal tourism growth in past 2 years a living of proof of what can be achieved if we can provide basic facilities and a little bit of guidance.

There is a great opportunity for building hotels, tourists’ resorts, camping and trailer sites throughout country, especially in the north, where the whole system got chocked when millions of domestic tourists headed north last summer.

A record number of domestic and international tourists visited Pakistan’s north last year including Kagan, Naran, Neelam valley, Swat, Skardu, Hunza, and unique Kalash valley, the Murree Hills, Astor, Shandur, Azad Kashmir and other places of interest. Local hotels, resorts and camping facilities ran out of space to provide overnight accommodation to all, many tourists had to sleep in their cars and Govt. had to interbene by by building temporary camping sites to accommodate visitors. This is story of north alone, south is mostly explored, and there are so many hidden treasures in Sindh and Baluchistan with potential to become a world class attraction, all it needs a little exploration and investment.

Our coast line is mostly explored, we have some of the finest beaches and coral reefs with hundreds of fish; diving and sea ferries is another potential tourist sector that needs attention.

We have some of world’s ancient archaeological sites as well as sites of religious importance for Sikhs, Buddhists and Hindus, as well as world’s famous Sufi shrines.

In addition to site-seeing we have unique and distinctive wildlife in Pakistan. Animals, birds and some rare species of fish only found in Pakistan.

JIESDP can provide reliable networking for business development in tourism sector & has a comprehensive plan for development of tourism sector in Pakistan. Potential investors should explore this sector for a handsome return as well as to promote the beautiful and peaceful Pakistan all over the world.



Atif Masood Chaudhry

Over 8 million Pakistanis are living abroad, and living overseas in not a plan sailing. Every day, for these people, dawns with new impending perils especially in western countries in emergent post 9/11 scenario. In spite of all the troubles, they share a common thing among them: love for their motherland. A huge number of Pakistanis abroad are working wonders to contribute to the national progress.

Overseas Pakistanis can invest in following and many other fields in Pakistan.

Real Estate:

Real estate market is one of the most growing sectors of Pakistan. This industry positively reacts to the challenges and welcomes locals and overseas Pakistanis.

Luxury Cars:

Automobile industry of Pakistan is another hot area, where overseas Pakistanis can invest their capital. Differentiation of luxury cars and their spare parts can echo with a handsome ROI for the investors.

Online freelance services:

Online industry has grown up with a fast pace and is one of the most profitable business. Overseas Pakistanis can capitalize on growth opportunity is this field with their expertise and innovative approach.

Auto spare parts:

Auto spare parts are a big market for the overseas investors. Most of the cars are not locally manufactured; they need repairs. Meeting their needs can have a big potential to invest in it and earn ROI within a short time.

Restaurants and Food Industry

Food industry has lucrative ROI, Overseas Pakistanis can bring in new ideas, brands, new tastes or flavor and high standards of quality to the industry.

Agriculture and livestock:

Pakistan has great potential in agriculture and livestock sector. Pakistan government is facilitating the foreign investors with incentives ideal for Overseas Pakistanis.

JIESDP is striving for building nation through innovative business plans and has taken steps to assist Pakistanis settled abroad with transparent documentation, candid SOPs, and legal compliance & proving safe environment to invest in Pakistan.