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Irfan Moatar


Pakistan, owing its geographical location and political standings, has become the most focused Asian country that has a pivotal role with international impact.

CPEC has initiated lots of novel opportunities in a multi-dimensional manner and all these opportunities need young, vibrant and dynamic individual who can initiate small & medium scale business ventures to address the needs of new opportunities in prevailing and forthcoming markets.

China needs young blood to cash profitable options linked with CPEC but if china moves its own manpower from eastern regions it may impact Chinese economy negatively in the two ways.

We live in post industrial era, where everything is run by soft technologies. Muscle power has been replaced by soft skills. In old days business were considered men’s domain, but now women are showing netter business acumen, all we need is a conductive business environment for women, that includes moving away from the ingrained culture of lifetime employment, long working hours, and toward a system based more on outputs and performances.

  1. If Chinese working professional are shifted to these new ventures, it would create a vacuum in Chinese industries.
  2. The cost of re-setting these professionals in new regions is very high and ROI spread over a longer period.

In order to avail new business opportunities and overcoming above difficulties, china has no other choice but to look towards Pakistan and it is happening on ground.

Pakistan has one of the highest ratio of 18-35 age group population compared to rest of the world, and its getting bigger by day. The core need is to provide this youth a sense of purpose, with clear and vivid objectives, a direction and training.

Together, we can turn the tables.

Training and equipping Pakistani manpower is much power more viable and easy as compared to moving Chinese professional to Pakistani for CPEC projects.

JIESDP’S to train 3000 Entrepreneurs:

JIESDP’S is aiming to provide, one of its kind in Pakistan, youth training that primarily encircle the skill required in order to form and lead a new business venture, instead of being part of an already running setup as we require more entrepreneurs than manager.

The prime focus is not only to inculcate managerial skills within qualified as aspirant youth but to equip them with required tools so that they are all set and ready to face new challenges.

This course provide an overview of different entrepreneurships method that enable an individual to identify, success frame and act on new opportunities.

This course is a mix of lectures, group exercises, case studies, site visits and real life problem solving scenarios. The intrinsic framework of this course is interactive and communicative and all students are required to comprehend the concept of every phase of business and corporate world.

I hope this will prove to be a game changer for young Pakistani entrepreneurs.