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Business women Division

Business women Division

Woman, an important segment of our society, serving all the fields, we are surrounded with. The great Japanese writer and feminist, Raicho Hiratsuka, once famously said: “In the beginning, woman was truly the sun”; through being ideological women, we do not believe in assumptions, but this metaphor is used to make the story interesting. Our belief is that Allah has created men and women by His will.

Nowadays, global economy, mare than ever, needs this kind of radiant sun light for nourishment, healing, to dry out the swamps of poverty and unrest from the society.

I, as a working Media professional, GM Star Asia News TV channel and a host of program “Mujhay Jeena Hai”, encourage all women, who are passionate enough to do something that really matters and gives them a distinguished identity.

I believe that women are equally compatible for being creating better economical business ideas; women are shouldering almost all the burdens of modern life with men. They are working actively in all the fields from house hold activities to establishing innovative businesses.

We live in post industrial era, where everything is run by soft technologies. Muscle power has been replaced by soft skills. In old days business were considered men’s domain, but now women are showing netter business acumen, all we need is a conductive business environment for women, that includes moving away from the ingrained culture of lifetime employment, long working hours, and toward a system based more on outputs and performances.

Conclusively, to all the women out there, just be strong, come up with the ideas to create economically viable setups and let everyone know that “Women are blessed with the same abilities as men and if they are willing to do something, nothing can stop them”.

I invite all business women to come forward and align their potential with the notion “to build nation through innovative business plans and needed social reforms”. JIESDP is an approach to help all women in their business related matters.

Do send us your innovative business ideas; we will guide you to make your dreams true.

Together, we can turn the tables.

In Sha Allah

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    Business Women Division
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    Business Women Division
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    Business Women Division
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