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About Us

Mr. Abrar Ahmad

Chairman JIESDP

Dear Fellow Pakistani!

Alhamdulillah, Pakistan is the land of opportunities. At present we are not able to fully exploit our resources, and we have to look towards “Aid” from developed countries.

A few friends came together in 2016 and decided to contribute time and resources for development of our motherland, Pakistan.

Our model is to enhance the capabilities and skills of our youth to be able to establish new businesses and become “job providers” instead of “job seekers”.

I feel privileged and honored being part of the “Joint Initiative for Economics and Social Development Pakistan” as chairman. I belong to an industrialist business family. My family has been in industrial business for the last 7 decades in Pakistan.

JIESDP is an organization, established to bring Pakistan in the lime light of development. Unfortunately, Pakistan is still lagging far behind of its due status in the world. JIESDP is an endeavor to achieve the lost glory of Pakistan.

Through this platform, I invite all Pakistanis whether they live in country or abroad, whether they are male or female, whether they are old or young to come forward and serve your country.

As a first step, we have planned to develop 3000 world class entrepreneurs for uplifting economic sector of Pakistan. These trained world class entrepreneurs can change the overall culture of business circles.

We would not let them aside after completing the course but would try to attach them with potential investors too. These alignments would encourage talented youngsters to establish their own businesses.

We are hopeful to build nation through innovative business plans and needed social reforms.


Our Moto is “be owner of your business instead of being manager in a firm”.

Long Live Pakistan

Mr. M Naveed Anwar

Founder & President

Dear Friends,

It is an immense blessing of ALLAH Kareem upon Pakistan; everyone be a friend or foe, feels that Pakistan’s geopolitical and economic situation has dramatically been getting better by time.

Most of the Pakistanis have heard about Pakistan China Economic Corridor, linking Kashgar to Gwadar; but very few have knowledge about China Pakistan Energy Corridor; which is said to be the game changer for entire region.

According to estimation, it would uplift lives of about 3 billion people across China, Central Asia, South Asia and Middle East. Due to heavy foreign investment, construction industry of Pakistan is growing at 11.3%. Through in Pakistan annual shortfalls of houses is 270,000, in addition to a backlog of 7 million units, but PM’s policy guide “Housing For All” is in the lime light. Punjab Government has recently signed an agreement with Turkey to construct 50,000 Houses for poor. This project is yet to be completed.

It is a well known fact that construction industry is backbone of development in modern world. It helps growing allied industries such as cement, steel, marble, furniture etc. directly and many other industries and infrastructure developments indirectly.

Sensing through latest developmental phase in Pakistan, the need for a consortium of like-minded people was felt to guide and facilitate Pakistanis especially Overseas; business men, women and young alike.

Initially, I was not of opinion to make it as a heavy structured form. It was to be light network of a few committed members, but as I announced the name “Joint initiative for Economic and social Development Pakistan” (JIESDP),

I received an overwhelming and warm response from all over the world. This encouraged me to expand the network to wherever Pakistanis reside.

I feel pleased and gratified to announce that JIESDP has achieved tremendous success in establishing its organizational structure in 5 different cities of Pakistan 15 countries across the globe in a short span of time. ALHAMDU LILLAH

Now we all ready to color is mission of “Building Nation Through Innovative Business Plans and required Social Reforms”.

May ALLAH accept our endeavor.

( Amen)


This forum would fill this gap by acting as facilitator, advisor, promoter, strategist, surveyor, planner, collaborator, mediator and business researcher for stakeholders.