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“Building nation through innovative business plans and REQUIRED social reforms”


The purpose of the forum is to prepare people of Pakistan for the opportunity presented by CPEC by integrating local skills with overseas know-how and investments. Our country has been lagging behind in term of socio-economic development for long due to poor infrastructure & networking, lack of new business opportunities and the fast changing global business challenges. CPEC is aimed at effectively replacing the old and outdated infrastructure, whether be roads, railways, airports/seaports and communication through fiber optics. This will in turn pave way for new opportunities in construction of supporting infrastructure for sustainable development leading to enhance business activities in the country.

The influx of much needed direct foreign investment by China, which has crossed the 60 billion mark to date, is attracting attention of influential multi-national companies, enterprises, groups and consortiums etc. These groups and companies have started selecting and buying best location in different cities of the country for their operations. It’s a sign of progress, but unfortunately, Pakistanis are not prepared for getting best out of the whole scheme, due to lack of global business vision, confidence, capabilities and trust on each other etc.

This forum would fill this gap by acting as facilitator, advisor, promoter, strategist, surveyor, planner, collaborator, mediator and business researcher for stakeholders.

  • Development Opportunity


  • Entrepreneurship


  • Profitable Project Planning


  • Job Creation



  • To spread confidence in Pakistanis for better availing of developmental opportunities.
  • To provide them with trusted platform where they can work together.
  • To inject entrepreneurship ability in younger generation by providing world class entrepreneurs courses.
  • To arrange seminars, conferences etc. for educating all especially the younger lot and women.
  • To align investors with potentially profitable project planner.
  • To promote harmony between business and social sector communities.
  • To create jobs through innovative business plans.